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Certified Towing provides tilt tray towing in Sydney for the most protected type of tow. With us, you have the quality your car requires at the rates you can afford.

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Tilt Tray towing is the Best Choice for transporting cars fully off the ground. Car owners need to be aware that towing situations can be complex, and the experience and equipment of the towing company are essential regardless of the complexity of the situation. Certified Towing Sydney is a qualified towing company that offers skilled towers with state of the art equipment for a quality tow. Certified by name and by Nature, Our company provides towing for a range of vehicles, including light to medium size and heavy-duty such as machinery and equipment.

Quality Service Tilt Tray Towing Sydney

Certified Towing has a full fleet of tilt tray tow trucks in Sydney that carry everything from vehicles to farm equipment with ease. Tilt trays are designed to carry several tons and to provide a tow that minimizes the risk of damage during transport. Tilt tray trucks offer the advantage of easy loading as the backs of the tilt tray tow trucks are open and installed with a hydraulic lift that lowers and raises the tray.
While you may think that tilt trays are only for prestige and luxury car transport, they are also a top choice in cars that have been badly damaged and cannot be driven because the car is transported completely off the ground during transport. Certified Towing Sydney’s fleet of tilt tray tow trucks is state of the art with the best and latest technology and equipment for the most outstanding tow.

Quality Tilt Tray Truck Towing at Affordable Rates Sydney

At Certified Towing, you have a quality towing service that offers affordable rates. We are a towing company in Sydney that is competitively priced, offering upfront quotes and guarantee our customers that there will be no hidden fees or surprises. Quotes can be obtained over the phone and online.

Why Choose Us?

When Certified Towing is your choice in a Towing Company Sydney, you have a trusted tower 24/7. We are an established, fully insured company in Sydney that provides quality towing at competitive rates. We are a towing company that provides our customers with a team of 24/7 towers that are prepared for all types of towing & roadside assistance needs. Our operators are certified and experienced and respond fast to all types of emergency situations.

With Certified Towing, you have the guarantee of:

  • A team of qualified towing technicians that safely transport your vehicle.
  • A team that operates a state of the art tow trucks equipped with all the best and latest technologies and tools.
  • A team that have the skills and experience to handle all types of towing and emergency roadside assistance problems.
  • A team of operators that provide upfront quotes, so you are guaranteed a quote with no hidden fees or surprises.

At Certified Towing, we are a team of towing experts that can handle your towing needs.

Offering Fully Insured Services in Sydney

We prioritize the safety of your vehicles during transportation. Our tilt tray towing services are fully insured to provide you with additional peace of mind. In the unlikely event that any towing damage occurs during the towing process, our insurance guarantees that you are protected against any financial loss. We take responsibility for the safety of your vehicles and take all the necessary precautions to mitigate any risks.

Regarding reliable and efficient vehicle transport solutions in Sydney, Certified Towing is the name you can trust. We are committed to delivering superior quality customer satisfaction with our superior safety and security measures, versatility for various vehicles, professional operators, 24/7 emergency assistance, fully insured services, and competitive pricing.

Don’t let vehicle transportation become a hassle. Contact us today for a professional tilt tray towing service in Sydney!

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