Prestige Car Towing Sydney

Certified Towing Sydney knows the love you’ve put into your prestige or luxury car. We specialise in prestige car towing. We are the towing company that treats your car with the love and care it requires when being transported. With tilt tray tow trucks Sydney that are fully equipped with the latest and best technology and men with the skills to safely tow your vehicle, we are prepared to transport the auto to its new destination. We are leaders in Prestige Vehicle Transport in Sydney that towing is our livelihood.


New & Used Prestige & Luxury Car Towing in Sydney

New or used, the investment in a prestige or luxury car is no pocket change. When you have a luxury or prestige vehicle, the investment and love for the car is something that is irreplaceable. Certified Towing is your truck towing company in Sydney that handles your car with care during all stages of the transport process. Our team of operators is second to none in all aspects of a towing technician. Each is rigorously trained, experienced and skilled so that everything from the best precautions when loading a vehicle, to its position on our tilt tray towing, to safety precautions and strapping down the car is done with the highest degree of respect for the vehicle.

With Certified Towing you have the prompt, professional & special transport for your prestige or luxury car:

  • New vehicles from one destination to another
  • Multiple new vehicle transport deliveries for dealers and commercial fleets
  • Discount and Cheap Towing at the right time

There are no prestige or luxury vehicle transport needs that Certified Towing cannot handle

Special Vehicle Transport

Certified Towing Sydney knows the importance of special vehicle transport. You can expect your Certified Towing operator to take all precautions when transporting your vehicle to its new destination. We will arrive fully prepared with our state of the art tow truck equipped with the best and latest technology for the most professional tow. We don’t expect our customers to expect less than the best towing services possible. That is what our name is all about, the best in towing services in Sydney.

We tow all types of vehicles, including:

  • Aston Martin Towing
  • Lamborghini Towing
  • Ferrari Towing
  • Bentley Towing
  • Audi Towing
  • Muscle Car Towing
  • Prestige Vehicle Towing

We transport the best of the best in vehicles and do so taking all precautions to provide the most protected towing services.

Safe Luxury & Prestige Vehicle Transport at Affordable Towing Rates

Certified Towing Sydney offers quality towing services, but we do not take advantage of our expertise in towing. We don’t compromise on equipment, nor do we compromise on the level of expertise of our operators. We provide state of the art equipment and trucks and highly skilled tow truck technicians that have the knowledge and experience to safely tow luxury vehicles and Prestige Vehicle Transport. We take our great skills to a new level as we are a first-rate towing company that is competitively priced. Certified Towing Sydney provides upfront quotes with no hidden fees or surprises over the phone and online. With us, you have the team of transporters in Sydney that you can rely on for the best care when transporting your prestige or luxury vehicle.

Talking About Insurance and Assurance

Certified Towing Sydney are fully insured. Every vehicle or machinery you ask us to transport is covered with insurance as long as we carry it.

Insurance shows how much we value our work and want our customers to feel we care for a property like ours.

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If you want to feel a luxurious car service transport the same as the value of your luxury car, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We will cater to all your requests and questions and assist you in any way possible.

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